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RIDE INTO THE FUTURE! is a world-class OEM/ODM and Supplier of Electric & Solar Powered Vehicles and its components. The company is located in India and has its own facility in China (YongKang Shinde Electric Vehicle Company, Ltd).

We exist to be the world’s best innovative and reliable provider of Electric & Solar Powered Vehicles and technologies for it.

The education center at has a competency building center. This center consist of four sections

·       Information gathering

·       Knowledge sharing

·       Skill development

·       Ability development

to produce skilled man power and entrepreneurs for EV industry.



1. Faculty Development Program

Faculty Development Program can be designed based on mutual discussion between college and GoGoA1.

2. Project Sponsorship / Assistance

GoGoA1 will provide free project assistance to final year students to do their major project.

3. Industry College Interaction / Guest Lecture/ Industry Visit

GoGoA1 along with college will arrange one industry institute interactions in a year College will fix up a timeslot and GoGoA1 will arrange an industrial visit as well as industry speakers to interact with the students For Industry Visit cost of travel of students to be taken care by college.

4. Technical workshop and seminars

GoGoA1 will take part for technical workshop/seminar for engineering students the workshop/seminar will give students an exposure to advanced technologies in EV industry.

GoGoA1 will provide technical trainings or internship for college students.

6. Placement assistance

 GoGoA1 may also choose to conduct pool campus activity in colleges.

7. Research and development activities

 GoGoA1 may also facilitate effective utilization of the intellectual capabilities of the college faculty, students through joint research and development activity, keeping in mind the need of the industry.

8. Setup EV Lab

GoGoA1 will help colleges to setup state of art EV lab at their campus in which all products of GoGoA1 will be displayed. Colleges to purchase all the products and components to be displayed from GoGoA1 .com.

Courses we offer

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* Who is eligible for courses:-

Anyone can do this courses age between 18-60 no need of formal degree/certificate for this Courses

Skill Development Training

Rs 15000/-

Three Month Professional Skill Development Training For The Electric Vehicle Industry.

Opportunity After completion:
1] Start your own business.
2] Get job opportunity

Advance Training

Rs 45000/-

Six Month Advance Training for the Electric Vehicle Industry.

Opportunity After completion:
1] Start your own business.
2]Get job opportunity

Specialized Training

Rs 100000/-

One Month Specialized Training For Business About Electric Vehicle Industry.

Opportunity After completion:
1]Will start your own business.

2] Get job opportunity.