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GoGoA1.com is a world-class OEM/ODM and Supplier of Electric&Solar Powered Vehicles and it’s components.The company is located in India and has it’s own facility in China (YongKang Shinde Electric Vehicle Company, Ltd).

We exist to be the world’s best innovative and reliable provider of Electric & Solar Powered Vehicles and technologies for it.

Courses we offer

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* Who is eligible for courses:-

Anyone can do this courses age between 18-60 no need of formal degree/certificate for this Courses

New York

Basic Training

RS 5000/-

One Month Basic Training About Vehicle Industry

Opportunity After completion:
1] Start your own business.
2] Get job opportunity


Skill Development Training

Rs 15000/-

Three Month Professional Skill Development Training For The Electric Vehicle Industry.

Opportunity After completion:
1] Start your own business.
2] Get job opportunity

San Francisco

Advance Training

Rs 45000/-

Six Month Advance Training About Vehicle Industry

Opportunity After completion:
1] Start your own business.
2]Get job opportunity

San Francisco

Specialized Training

Rs 100000/-

One Month Specialized Training For Business About Vehicle Industry

Opportunity After completion:
1]Will start your own business.




1. Supplier of electric and Solar Vehicle Components to projects.

2. Supplier of Electric Vehicle Components to Manufacturers and Dealers.

3. Bicycle own brand and supply.

4. Electric Bicycle own brand and supply.

5. Off road Electric Vehicle supply.

6. Off road Electric Vehicle Manufacturing.

7. Self Balancing scooters supply.

8. Self Balancing Scooters Manufacturing.

9. Solar Cycle Supply.

10. Solar Cycle Manufacturing.

11. Electric Scooter Dealership.

12. Electric Scooter Bulk Supply.

13. Electric Scooter Assembling.

14. Electric Scooter Import.

15. Electric scooter Part Manufacturing.

16. Electric Scooter Repair and Services.

17. Lithium Ion Battery Supply.

18. Lithium Ion Battery Assembling.

19. Lithium ion Battery Component supply.

20. Bicycle Electric Conversion Kit Supply.

21. Photography , Videos and Promotions.

22. Electric Vehicle Exhibition.

23. Scooter Hybrid Electric Conversion Center.

24. Motorcycle Electric conversion Center.

25. Three Wheeler Electric Conversion Center.

26. Car Electric Conversion Center.

27. Bicycle Electric Conversion Center.

28. Wheel Chair Electric Conversion Center.

29. Bicycle Electric Conversion Kit Supply.

30. Scooter Electric Conversion Kit Supply.

31. Motorcycle Electric Conversion Kit Supply.

32. Three wheeler Electric Conversion kit Supply.

33. Electric car conversion kit Supply.

34. Commercial Vehicle Electric Conversion Kit Center.

35. Commercial Vehicle Electric Conversion Kit Supply

36. Bicycle Kit Manufacturing.

37. Scooter Kit Manufacturing.

38. Motorcycle Kit Manufacturing.

39. Three Wheel Kit Manufacturing.

40. Car Kit Manufacturing.

41. Commercial Vehicle Kit Manufacturing.

42. Bus Electric Conversion Kit.

43. Electric Vehicle Repairing and Maintenance.

44. Fun Vehicle Manufacturing.

45. Fun Vehicle Supply.

46. Fun Vehicle Center.

47. Electric Vehicle Motor Manufacturing.

48. Electric Vehicle Parts Manufacturing.

49. Electric Vehicle Chasis Manufacturing.

50. Electric Vehicle Documentation and Approval.

51. Electric Vehicle Promotion and Business Opportunity.

52. Electric Vehicle Government Subsidies and Benefits.

53. Electric Vehicle Patents and Trademarks.

54. Flexible Solar Panel Manufacturing and Supply.

55. Electric Vehicle Assembling.

56. Electric Vehicle Designing.

57. Electric vehicle Research and Development.

58. Electric Vehicle Market survey.

59. Electric Rickshaw Component supply.

60. Electric Rickshaw Manufacturing.

61. Electric Rickshaw Supply.

62. Electric Rickshaw Retail.

63. Electric Rickshaw Repairing.

64. Electric Vehicle Trainer.

65. Motor Repairing.

66. Controller Repairing.

67. Robotic Application Development.

68. Robotic Application manufacturing.

69. Robotic Application Supply and trading.

70. Innovative Vehicle Development.

71. Small scooters manufacturing.

72. Foldable Vehicle Manufacturing.

73. Electric Agriculture Equipment Manufacturing and supply.

74. Solar Powered Equipments Manufacturing.

75. Solar Power Agriculture Equipment Manufacturing.

76. Solar Power Agriculture Equipment Supply.

77. Paddle Generator Manufacturing.

78. Power Generation garden Equipments manufacturing and Supply.

79. Manual Power Gim Electricity Generator Manufacture and Supply.

80. Regenerative Systems Developments.

81. Electric and Solar Power Van and Delivery Bikes Development.

82. Project Report Making and Loan Assistance.

83. Business Development Officer with GoGoA1.com.

84. Product Development Engineer with GoGoA1.com.

85. Social Media promotion with GoGoA1.com.

86. Online Sales with GoGoA1.com.

87. Trainer with GoGoA1.com.

88. Supervisor with GoGoA1.com.

89. Production Manager with GoGoA1.com.

90. Business Development Partner for International Market.

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