Over the next few years, many EVs are expected to be on the road, but a core challenge is creating the charging infrastructure that will make this easy, cheap, and as accessible as owning a gas-powered vehicle. 

Battery swapping is a technique that consists of swapping a discharged electric vehicle battery with one that is already charged. This would replace recharging, thus eliminating long refueling times – one of the major limitations of zero-emission vehicles.

Battery swapping stations are the most cost-competitive, followed by the dynamic charging lane. 

Rather than charging the batteries promptly, there is one more approach to refuel the energy wellspring of EVs: precisely trading the released batteries with completely energized batteries. Obviously, this load of batteries ought to be possessed by the help station or battery organization while the EV driver is just a battery borrower. The released batteries will either be charged at the assistance station or midway gathered and charged. Since the battery trading measure includes mechanical substitution and battery re-energizing, it is additionally named mechanical refueling or mechanical re-energizing. These battery trading stations consolidate the benefits of both lethargic charging and quick charging, to be specific gradually re-energizing the EV batteries at off-top periods while rapidly refueling the EVs inside an exceptionally brief time frame. With the utilization of mechanical apparatus, the entire battery trading interaction can be carried out inside a couple of moments, straightforwardly equivalent to the current refueling component for customary vehicles.

Key Features:

  • Semi-Automated Charger for Centralized Smart Charging of Batteries
  • Fully Automated Kiosks for Battery Charging and Swapping Unit
  • Integrated with Smart Platform
  • Battery Communication via CAN
  • Cloud Connected
  • IoT enabled Monitoring and Management

Safety & Protection:

       Over/under voltage
       Surge protection
       Emergency stop 
       Protection against electric shock