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        GoGoA1.com is a world-class OEM/ODM and Supplier of Electric&Solar Powered Vehicles and it’s components.The company is located in India and has its own manufacturing facility in China(YongKang Shinde Electric Vehicle Company,Ltd). 

       Except of the production and supplying of EVs and its components, company concentrates on the transformation of existing fuel 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers,and cars into the electric powered ones by creating hybrid and complete conversion kits for them.

       GoGoA1.com  is interested in cooperating with you/your company on a mutually beneficial basis.Drop your fears and start your own business with us.We suggest you to get the status of a distributor of our products for promotion on the market.  

        You want to make business,but not ready to work on creating products and brand promotion? Our dealership is the solution.You will get premium quality products that will satisfy your clients’ request.

         For the dealership,we offer bicycles, electric bicycles and electric bicycles conversion kits.GoGoA1.com  provides premium products at affordable prices.We do not try to save money on materials that we use because it can be dangerous for the user.

        What do we offer to our dealers?
1.Products with the reputation.We deserved customers trust in the field of vehicle production on local and international markets.
2.Premium quality products on affordable price.
3.We provide you and your staff with full product training and product information support.
4.Opportunity to have own business under the international brand with promotion support.

       The requirements for the dealers?
1.In case if you are renting the place to sell products,your rental agreement have to be signed for more than 5 years. 
2.Refundable deposit and non-refundable dealership fee payment are applicable.

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