• 14-inch GoGo Monowheel

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    This modern looking and stylish self-balancing wheel is a good alternative for walking and riding on the streets of the city. If you want to mix your ride with a pedestrian walk, you can easily do it with quick release handle– just roll it.

    It’s easier to switch it on – just push the button on the panel.

    For a comfortable and safe ride, there are high-intensity aluminum footboard and a large area for protecting your legs.

    LED lights will notify you when the power of the monowheel is less than 15%, it will slow down speed until it won’t switch off.

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    Watch Demo Video:10-inch GoGo Monowheel

    GoGo Monowheel


    10 kg

    Range per charge

    40-60 km

    Max Speed

    18 km/hr

    Tire Size

    14 inch

    Motor Power

    450 W

    Climbing Ability

    25 – 35 degrees

    Max Load

    120 kg/90 kg

    Charging time

    120 minutes


    360 mm

    Vehicle Clearance

    60 mm

    Enclosure Dimensions

    550 x 450 x 235


    72V – 2Ah Li-ION Battery

    Operating Temperature

    -10 to 40 degrees


    84V – 1.5A

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