• GoGoA1 17 inch 3000W Brushless Electric Motorcycle Hub Motor Kit

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    17 inch 3000W Brushless DC Electric  Motorcycle Hub Motor Kit

    (GST And Shipping Charges Applicable)

     17inch 3000W Electric Motorcycle Wheel Hub Motor

    1.    Motor Type: BLDC Hub Motor 

    2.    Motor design: Double axle out with 17inch Aluminium rim

    3.    Rated Power: 3000W

    4.    Max Power:6000W

    5.    Rated Voltage: 72V

    6.  Speed: 70km/h (30-100km/h can be customized)

    7.  Max No-load RPM:<645

    8    Torque: 60N.M

    9.  Max Torque: 120N.M

    10.  Max Efficiency: 92%

    11.  Brake type: Disc brake

    12.  Max. Working Temperature: 70 degree, Peak 120 degree

    13.  Waterproof Grade: IP54

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