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24V PMDC Motor Kit

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This kit Provided  motor 24V PMDC motor kit should work with electric scooter/Electric Bicycle included with Standard throttles use  to control the vehicle speed and are used on over 99% of electric bicycle.  Also included with controller.

This 24V PMDC motor kit is useful for many of engineering projects.

24V PMDC Motor



Rated Power


Gross Weight

3.7 kg

Rated Efficiency


Motor Cable Length

Can be customized

Hall Sensor Quantity


No-load Speed

24 v 150 rpm (0.35 A) 

Rated Speed

150 rpm

Rated Torque

5-15 Nm

Max Speed can be achieved

10-15 km/hr

Load Carrying Capacity

60-120 kg

Rated Efficiency



<80 dB

Constant current at Ideal Load

5-15 Ampere

 This Kit includes 24V PMDC motor, throttle, and controller.