App controlled 19-inch GoGosegway, black

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GoGo Segway has 19-inch tire and 30 degrees climbing ability that allow you to ride it on any kind of terrains – from city roads to beaches. Adjustable height of handlebar will provide you with comfortable position, so you will enjoy your ride.

This vehicle is a good choice for overcoming long distances, for outdoor activities and for entertainment. Due to it stylish and modern appearance, you will get people attention and compliments.

It provides you with an opportunity to save money on riding because it’s no need to spend your money on gas – you’ll pay only for few kilowatts that you will use for the battery charging. Moreover, this vehicle is a green and eco-friendly machine because it produces 0 emissions.

For easy remote control, GoGo Segway has mR robot App that you can connect to your phone (compatible with Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows) through Bluetooth.

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19-Inch App controlled GoGosegway


1000W x 2


49 kg

Max Speed

18 km/hr

Climbing Ability

30 degrees


48V – 12Ah Li-ION  Battery with BMS

Range per power

30 to 35 km

Loading Capacity

150 kg


19 inches; Tubeless; All terrains


Adjustable Height

Charging Time

2-3 hours, 4-6 hours


3-phase BLDC

LED lights


Remote Control


Antithetic lock handle distance


Packing Size

 99x59x66 cm wooden box 

Gross Weight

55 kg



mRobot App features: 

- Smart high-tech self-balancing scooter control APP

-You can easily control and balance your GoGo Segway through Bluetooth Wireless Connection

-You will never get into an unpleasant situation with your vehicle - you can view the real-time speed of the vehicle, battery power, and other states information.

-Can adjust the vehicle riding parameters.