• EV career alignment program

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    One Day Career Alignment Program

    • The automobile industry is one of the largest industries in the world soon to be transformed into the automobile electric vehicle industry.
    • The government of India is taking a keen interest in the rapid growth of this industry looking at the vast advantages of the use of Electric Vehicles like pollution control, noise control, freedom from import of fuels, etc.
    • In the current budget, it has announced a number of favorable schemes benefitting to all like tax benefits on EMI purchase of EV’s, GST reduction to 5 % on Electric vehicles, reduction on import duty, and promotion of the manufacture of components and charging infrastructure in India.
    •  GoGoA1.com wants to fulfill the government’s dream to adopt this green technology by empowering our youth with Electric Vehicle Technology.
    • It will be conducting a one-day EV Career Alignment Program which will bring you in the action of planning a career in the EV industry so can become  EV job-ready or EV Entrepreneur.
    • You can start your own business or associate with a GOGO group of companies.  The subsequent training programs are conducted by Mr.Shrikant Shinde, he is an International Businessman, chairman of GOGO Motors Ltd. and a group of companies, Dynamic Business Trainer, Business coach, and EV industry Mentor.  
    • Take the first step to your success by attending the one-day career alignment program online on video conferencing  Every Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm with a limited seat.
    • For more details contact - 8657591818