• 17-inch GoGo Monowheel Electric Motorcycle

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    This modern looking and stylish one-wheeler is a good alternative for walking and riding on the streets of the city or in parks – you will enjoy your walk but won’t get tired.

    For a comfortable and safe ride, there are a soft seat and LED lights that will aware other people about you in the evening or night. Due to the seat, it’s no more need to stand when you ride – you can seat and take a comfortable position. With silicone covering on handlebar your hands won’t slide while you riding monowheel.

    It is no need to worry about battery level - power display will show you it so you won’t get in an unexpected and unpleasant situation because of it. Moreover, when the power of the monowheel is less than 15%, it will slow down speed until it won’t switch off.

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    Watch Demo Video: 17-inch GoGo Monowheel Electric Motorcycle

    GoGo Monowheel Electric Motorcycle


    60V 500W

    Climbing Ability

    30 degrees


    60V – 10Ah Li-ION


    17 inch, Kenda

    Max Load

    150 kg

    Max Speed

    25 km/hr


    29 kg


    70 x 100 x 20 cm

    Charging Time

    3 hours

    Range per power

    35 km

    Corpus Material

    Aluminum Alloy

    LED lights


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