GOGOA1 BLDC Gearless 48v Hub Motor Kit With 250W Rated Power - 500W Peak Power Motor Drive Train for R & D & OEM Supply

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48v 250w - 500w Bldc Gearless Hub Motor

Kit Includes (Motor, Controller (17A), Throttle)


Rated Voltage            :  48 V

Rated Power              :  250-500W

Efficiency                   :  83.5%

Weight (kg)                :  6.2 kg

Colour                        :   silver

Application                :  Electric Bicycle

Brake Type                :  Disc (Double Threaded Disc On Both Sides)

No Load RPM           :  404RPM


Rated Voltage            :  48 V

Rated Power              :  350W

Rated Ampere           :  17 A

Braking                      : Low Abs

Waveform Type         : Square Wave

Weight (kg)                :  0.23 kg

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