1GoGoA1 48V BLDC Regenerative Reverse Function High Efficient Hub Motor Without Tyre

11,300.00 7,950.00

GoGoA1 BLDC Regenerative Reverse Function High Efficient Hub Motor With Double Wall, Aluminium Alloy Rim.

Mechanical Parameters

Wheel Diameter 22 inch
Position Rear
Spoke Size 2mm
Number of  Holes 36
Rim Color Green
Cable Length ~1m
Cable Diameter 6sqmm
Applications Electric Bicycle/Ebike

Electrical Parameters

Rated Voltage(DCV) 48V
Rated Power 350W
Peak Power 500W
Continous Current ~7.3A
Load Current ~15.7A
no(rpm) 404
Regenerative Yes
Reverse Operation yes
Max Torque 60NM

Controller Specifications

GoGoA1 48V 17A 350W controller

Output Power 350W  
Operating Voltage 36/48V
Operating Current 15A

How To Fit The Conversion Kit?

Motor – it depends on the type of wheel. It is easy to fit Magnesium wheel hub– all you need is to replace your back wheel with the magnesium hub motor wheel.

For fitting spoke wheels bicycle with the hub motor, you have to remove spokes from the wheel, place the motor and then put the spokes back.

Controller and Battery box placing fully depends on your personal preferences.

GST Charges Extra At Actual.