• GoGoA1 Pedal Throttle

    3,500.00 2,200.00

    For Applicable models: two electric vehicles, three electric cars, electric cars, electric tricycles, recreational vehicles, classic cars, brick carts, electric boats, and other electric series.


            Usage: Suitable for all kinds of electric vehicles, electric products modified electric electronic throttle, replace the existing accelerator.


            Control voltage: 5V and electric turn to the same


            Product line length: 1.5 m


            Product Features: Use no wear the Hall element, a positive control polarity, more durable.


    Product Details: This product is a new generation of electric cars Hall electron accelerator pedal, having closed particularly good, not afraid of dust afraid of water, the reaction high sensitivity. Designed for a variety of electrical products and design modifications foot stepped on the accelerator. Apply two electric cars, three electric vehicles, electric boats, electric cars, electric sightseeing cars, electric adobe vehicles, three-wheeled steering wheel, four-wheel electric car designed for and dusty areas, rugged and durable, suitable for harsh environments, ultra-low-cost design, more conservation, the majority of users. The provider behavior, direct marketing, there is sufficient supply and inventory.