• GoGoA1 Converted Electric Activa

    100,000.00 63,000.00

    Vehicle includes a Motor with drum brake, Controller, Throttle, Dc to Dc Converter, wiring harness, Universal switch, Swing arm, Antitheft, DC-MCB & Battery SOC

    Electric Activa Specification

    1. Speed: 40-50km/hr
    2. Rated Power: 1000W
    3. Max Power: 2000W
    4. Max Torque: 98N.M
    5. Motor Type: BLDC Hub Motor with Permanent Magnets
    6. Brake type: Drum brake
    7. Max No-load RPM: 620-650RPM
    8. Cooling method: Air cooling
    9. Water Resistant: IP67
    10. Speed Mode: Sport/ Reverse/ High Brake
    11. Battery Type: Li-ion
    12. Battery Capacity: 3240W

    **Shipping & GST will be extra at actual.