• GoGoA1 RTO Approved Electric Conversion Kit for Activa with 10 inch 72V 1200W high efficient BLDC Hub Motor for Electric Conversion, R & D & OEM Supply

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    Kit includes Motor with drum brake, Controller, Throttle, Dc to Dc Converter, wiring harness, Universal switch, Swing arm, Antitheft, DC-MCB & Battery SOC

    Note: CMVR & RTO Approval is the customer's responsibility & we are not responsible for any use of components.

    We are a component supplier, while using them you have to take relevant permissions.


    1. Motor Type: BLDC Hub Motor with Permanent Magnets

    2. Motor design: Double axle out with 10inch rim

    3. Rim size and material:2.15-10 Iron rim

    4. Matching Tire: 3.0-10, 3.5-10

    5. Magnet Height: 35MM

    6. Pole Pairs: 23 pairs

    7. Rated Power: 1200W

    8. Max Power: 2000W

    9. Rated Voltage: 72V

    10. Speed: 45-50km/hr

    11. Max No-load RPM: 620-650RPM

    12. Max Torque: 98N.M

    13. Max Efficiency: 89-90%

    14. Rated current:23A

    15. Max current:40A

    16. Brake type: Drum brake

    17. Rear Fork width for installation: 200mm

    18. Cross Section of Phase wire: 3 mm2

    19. Axle thread: M12

    20. Hall sensor phasing angle: 120 degree

    21. Type of Sensor: Hall Sensor(3pcs)

    22. Working Temperature: 70 degrees, Peak 120 degree

    23. Cooling method: Air cooling

    24. Waterproof Grade: IP67

    25. W./ G..W. : 11kgs / 12kgs

    Controller Specification:-

    1. Key Features :


        Very Easy connect.
        Silent Motor Operation.
        Soft start can be adjusted.
        High quality Fins for Heat Dissipation.
        Can match with almost all BLDC Motor.

    2. Main Functions

          3 - Speed Mode

         Sport Mode
         High Brake

     Wiring Details:-


    We are supplying components some of the components are already CMVR approved or we can get approval  with these components  you can develop  new models or conversion  kits

    According to the model complying with CMVR is the customer's duty.