• SOLOMO Mountain Bicycle with High carbon steel and 26’’ Magnesium alloy wheels

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    Available for Business Associates

    SOLOMO has 27 gears and 26-inch magnesium wheels. The 27 gears is an excellent option for people who use bicycle actively not only on city roads but also in forests and on different types of terrains. Magnesium alloy wheels will provide your bicycle with stylish and memorable appearance. The compact size of that folding high carbon steel frame bicycle makes it easy to store and to carry the bike in a car and in a public transport.

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    Bicycle type

    Mountain bike





    Frame material

    High carbon steel



    Horn and basket


    Saddle adjustment

    Quick released


    Front&Rear Disc Brakes

    Wheel set

    26’’ Magnesium alloy

    Tire size



    Magnesium alloy


    Front suspension












    • High carbon steel benefits:

    -Put less effort: the frame will continue to maintain good speed after driver stops pedaling

    -Feel comfortable and enjoy your ride: steel frames reduce vibrations and mitigate impacts.

    -Control easily: the consequence of softness is the bending of this frame; it behaves well at bends.

    -Repair fast: any welder will be able to weld it.

    • Don’t know what benefits you can get from magnesium alloy wheels?

    Be safe and preserve your time: mag wheels are light, so it makes possible to gain speed faster while controlling the bike becomes much easier.

    Ride with comfort: MAG wheels absorb vibrations.

    Save time for something useful: get clean and well-groomed wheels, putting with it less effort and time.

    Get the opportunity to give personality to your bicycle, to attract people’s attention and to receive compliments.

    • Benefits of disc brakes usage:

    Less effort to stop – disc brakes have much higher mechanical advantage (especially hydraulics)

    Take care of your safety: disc brakes grab better when wet. Note that with rim brakes if you use correct brake pads, they work great but still not as good disc brakes.

    Use in different temperatures: disc brakes can be allowed to heat up to a much higher temperature without any risk of blowing a tire off a rim.

    Less worry: disc brakes do not wear out the rim.

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    Note: Designs May Vary Depending On availability