• GoGoA1 Thumb Throttle Display Battery Key Switch Electric Bicycle

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    The digital data display, not that common analog signal display, which can accurately judge rest battery level and rest distance can indicate vehicle error according to voltage. Fit for many types of a battery such as a lead-acid battery, lithium battery, water battery, and dry battery. This throttle indicates battery level by digital data display, you can judge your rest battery level according to your battery voltage, can also check your battery condition after you charged it fully. It is a universal throttle for electric bike, scooter, tricycle, and other electric vehicles.
    1. Universal voltage, fit for 12-84V electric bike or scooters, can identify voltage automatically, timely indicating. (12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V electric vehicles can be used directly, part of the 84V electric vehicles can also be used.)
    2. By turning the real-time voltage value can accurately determine the amount of the remaining amount of electricity.
    3. To avoid traveling on the way without electricity and accurate judgment
    of the lithium battery is damaged.
    4. By turning the real-time voltage value can accurately determine the judge the quality of lithium battery.
    5. Automatic to identification electric vehicles' voltage under 100V, universal used and real-time display.
    Material: Aluminium Alloy + Rubber
    Package Weight: approx. 170g
    Wire Length: approx. 2m / 78.7"
    Type: key switch
    Compatible With: Suitable for 12V-99V Electric Bicycle
    Fitment: Fit for 22.2mm diameter handle
    Working Voltage: Throttle DC0.8-4.2V, battery level indicator, 12-84V automatically identify. Application for any battery such as lithium battery , lead-acid battery
    Compatible With: Universal throttle for electric bike, scooter, tricycle, and other electric vehicle

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