KIMI 20 inch Foldable Mountain Bike with spoke wheels

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This mountain bicycle with 7-speeded gear has 20 inch spoke wheels and foldable high carbon steel frame. Compact size of this folding bicycle allows you to store it in the pantry, under the table, on the balcony and it becomes available transportation of the bike in the car and public transport.

Brand name: KIMI
Wheel size:  20*
Type of bicycle: Mountain bicycle
Frame material:  High carbon steel
Frame type: Foldable
Gear: 7 speed
Wheel set: Spoke
Brakes: Disc Brakes
Miscellaneous: Small paper box (contains seat post, saddle, pedal)


1. What is the benefits of high carbon steel frame?
Steel is the first material from which the frames for bicycles began to be made. Such frames are often made by batting technology, when the thickness of the pipe walls differs in different places. Observing the necessary standards, this allows you to reduce weight, while maintaining reliability. The heat treatment can further improve the reliability of the steel frame. That material is attractive due to its reliability, ease of processing and repair and relative cheapness.
Advantages of steel frame:

·       -  The frame will continue to maintain good speed after driver stops pedaling.
Softness. Steel frames reduce vibrations and mitigate impacts.
-The consequence of softness is the bending of this frame; it behaves very well at bends.|
-Strength, reliability, durability, any welder will be able to weld it.

2.What is the benefits of spoke wheels?

The greater the number of spokes, the better strength the wheel gets.In case of spoke wheels, they can bend and take all the rough terrain they can handle and not just that but handle with ease. The worst case that you might have to face is that one or more of your spokes might not be able to take the extra tension and break off, but overall they can always be replaced individually and you can then keep going further for as long as you want. This is the biggest advantage spokes give you.

3.What is the advantages of disc brakes?

·       -  Disc brakes have much higher mechanical advantage (especially hydraulics). This makes it easier to stop with less hand effort.
 Disc brakes grab better when wet. Note that with rim brakes if you use correct brake pads, they work much better but still not as good as Disc brakes.
- Disc brakes can be allowed to heat up to a much higher temperature without any risk of blowing a tire off a rim.
-Disc brakes do not wear out the rim.

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